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Shotcrete Pool

When it comes to choosing the type of pool that you should have for your residential or commercial property, it's important to consider the durability of pool materials. And when it comes to pools, shotcrete is a champ. And if the idea of a shotcrete pool in your property tickles your fancy, then please contact us today.

We at Sunview Landscape are experts in shotcrete pool construction and we have dozens of highly satisfied clients all across The Grand Canyon State to prove that. If you want to experience first-hand how a well-designed and constructed pool can make a property stand out, hire us today.

We service Goodyear, Scottsdale, Peoria, Phoenix, Buckeye, Chandler and neighboring Arizona cities.

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Why Choose a Shotcrete Pool?

Among the various pool types such as in-ground, above-ground, and poured concrete, shotcrete pool stands out because of these qualities:

  • Timelessness. Pools shouldn't be built to last for just a year or a decade, but for a lifetime. In this regard, a shotcrete pool is meant to impress. When handled by skilled pool installers like us, your pool can be enjoyed by next generations of your family.

  • Beauty. A swimming pool can be an important decorative element in any property. With us, you can expect a nicely designed pool that incorporates all the important points that you want included. We can create exquisite pools that will easily grab people's attention and admiration. A method that we love to use is stamping, where we carefully imprint a particular design into the still wet concrete. When done correctly, the shotcrete can actually be made to look like a pricey material like natural stone.

  • Functionality. A pool is meant to relax and refresh, especially during the summer or humid days. It is also expected to have functional components all-year long. Shotcrete pools are known to be totally safe from mechanical failures, thus serving their intended purposes.

  • Ease of Maintenance. Shotcrete pools are practically maintenance-free. Their sturdy nature means that you won't have to perform periodic repairs, hence saving you time and money.

Our Shotcrete Pool Construction Process

Our shotcrete pool design and construction will only begin after careful planning and collaboration with the client. Our design team then prepares a full-color design and presents the same to the client for approval. If there are changes, our designers get back to the drawing board and incorporate the changes and once the client approves the design, the construction phase kicks in.

The shotcrete pool construction begins by having a hole dug out of the ground in a pre-determined area in your property. Our workers then place a 'mold' or frame comprised of rebar. Once in place, a skilled nozzleman then sprays a premixed shotcrete onto the frame until the entire area is covered with the material. If it's the stamped type, the desired design will be impressed on the wet concrete and then be left for at least two weeks for the entire surface to compact or harden. Once the surface is deemed ready, a sealing material such as tile, plaster, or paint or plaster is then applied to achieve a desired effect.

Reliable Shotcrete Pool Builder in Arizona

For a remarkable shotcrete pool, we are your best choice. We service various Arizona cities including Sun City, Glendale, Peoria, and Phoenix. Call us now to have your dream pool in no time.

Call Us Today! 623-386-8401

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