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Pool Renovation

Do you have an outdated pool that also requires major repair to bring back its beauty and functions? If you do, then let Sunview Landscape and Pools help you.

We are Arizona's most trusted contractor when it comes to pool renovation. We follow a holistic approach in conducting pool improvements to ensure that your needs and preferences are met.

We service Goodyear, Scottsdale, Peoria, Phoenix, Buckeye, Chandler and neighboring Arizona cities.

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Just like other outdoor features, your pool needs regular maintenance to ensure it will serve its function and purpose. Regular pool cleaning, water treatment, and winterizing are some examples of these tasks. However, there will come a time that a more complex task must be performed, like a pool repair or renovation.

Here are some factors we consider to determine if pools already require major repairs or if they must undergo complete pool repair:

Cracked concrete pools

Bowed walls or caved-ins

Hard to find leaks

Damaged tiles and coping

Defective pump and piping systems

These problems must be addressed immediately to avoid accidents and higher utility costs. When neglected, they can also result in expensive repair and maintenance jobs. Don't allow these things to happen. Instead, seek the help of pool experts like us at Sunview Landscape and Pools.

The best thing about our pool renovation services is that we guarantee the quality of our work. We have experienced people who can work on any pool problem. Whether it involves complex jobs like finding leaks and pool resurfacing or simply replacing old and damaged coping, we can handle them professionally and provide efficient solutions.

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Don't be content with the boring and unattractive design of your pool. We have creative designers who can transform your outdated swimming pool design into an eye-catching, modernistic one. In fact, most of our design recommendations were praised by our previous clients because we don't just stick to traditional designs and features but go for popular ones.

For example, we can make a kidney-shape pool more functional by adding slides, exercise swim jets, diving boards, automated covers, and even a spa for a healthier and relaxing pool experience. Other features that we can include in the redesign of your pool are waterfalls, fountains, and energy efficient lighting.


Our team will also work on other areas in and around your pool. We can perform pool resurfacing and deck replacement to completely rejuvenate your pool area. We are adept in working on different resurfacing materials such as plaster, and concrete so you are assured of outstanding results. Your deck will also become safer and will look more stunning with the various designs of pavers that we can install. To bring you closer to nature, we usually recommend adding softscape elements near or around this area.


At Sunview Landscape and Pools, we will transform your pool into a little paradise in your home. After we have completed all the recommended pool renovation tasks, your pool will be a haven for relaxation and fun outdoor activities. Contact us today.

Call Us Today! 623-386-8401

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