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Wherever you may be in Arizona, Goodyear, Scottsdale, Peoria, Phoenix, Buckeye, Chandler and neighboring Arizona cities, Sunview Landscape will surely be within your reach to answer all your paver needs. With more than ten years of solid experience, we've established ourselves as the authority on paver installation in the state. As we've worked our magic on numerous clients before, let us do the same for you.

Paving Materials

Pavers are absolutely great paving materials, no questions about it. As it is, these decorative building materials offer exceptional aesthetic boost to any property they are used at. With dozens of available designs, colors, textures, and sizes, they can be incorporated on numerous paving projects with varying design requirements.

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Aside from being highly versatile, pavers are also extremely durable. They are proven to last for decades, which make them smart paving material choice. They also require very minimal maintenance and only need to be replaced only when they are broken. This translates to hundreds of dollars in savings over time. These are only some of the reasons why concrete pavers and stone pavers are popular paving materials.

Pavers Installation by Sunview Landscape

As mentioned, pavers are absolutely versatile materials, making them highly sought-after by contractors, builders, and property owners. These are some of the paved areas that we can create for our clients:

  • Driveway Pavers: Installation of pavers on concrete structures such as driveways is highly durable and attractive, with various design configurations available. Since driveways will surely get a lot of traffic and experience a lot of beating, it's important that they are only made from sturdy materials to avoid frequent repairs which could be costly in the long run.

  • Paver Patio: Since patios are built as an extension of the home, they must be built with functionality and durability in mind. That's why we recommend the use of flagstone and travertine pavers for the flooring to ensure these paver patios will not only last a lifetime but will also look stunning as well.

  • Swimming Pool Pavers: A pool will get its aesthetic boost with the use of swimming pool pavers. And with supplementary amenities made of pool decking pavers, your pool area will surely be safer, more functional, and more fun to spend time at with family and friends.

  • Paver Decks: Decks not only add appeal to properties, they also serve as activity spaces for parties, outdoor dinners, and the like. With the paver decks that we install, you can enjoy their benefits for decades since they are highly durable. We also do custom decks for clients with very specific design tastes.

  • Paver Walkways: Paths also require a certain deal of strength and resistance against damages. We only create durable walkways made of top notch pavers from our partner suppliers so you won't have to worry a thing.

We can create all of these structures with the help of our trusted paver suppliers. Among the concrete pavers that we offer are Old World, Arbel, Urbana, Bergerac, Dublin, Cambridge, Holland, and Aqua-Bric. All of these collections possess exquisite beauty and durability.

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The Sunview Advantage

There are lots of reasons to choose us over other paver installers. For one, we have ICPI certified installers so you're sure that we know what we're doing. We also use premium paving materials straight from the most trusted suppliers and manufacturers, so clients will not be short-changed in terms of quality. Our installation of pavers on concrete is also considered by many as the best in the state. We recommend this method for a more stable base, faster installation, and many other benefits.

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